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Making the Magic Really Happen: Real Tools and Real Applications for Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Libraries have long prided ourselves on being able to deliver valuable content to our patrons, but what do we do when our patrons can’t or won’t come to us? Like always, we go to them! Presentation attendees will gain a solid understanding of RSS technology, the real workhorse behind a host of 2.0 tools, and will learn how they can take excellent content from the RSS-enabled sources they curate, and those they create, and pipe it directly into the webspaces that our patrons inhabit. We’ll look at ways we can use assorted “feed remixers” to grab information from our databases, instructional blogs, podcasts, and more, and deliver that content to other websites – including course management systems!

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  • I saw your website. Several years ago you trained me on Meebo-HCC’s on line reference chat room. Where are you now. Do you give speeches? HCC does not seem to be encouraging a lot of Web 2.o tools. I just got back from a World Futures convention in Chicago. I went for HISD and my school in order to develop some new curriculum tools for middle school students. I met people from all over the world. You might be interested in this. One speaker was a librarian from Nebraska. Very good. Check out “futures”.

  • Wow! How incredible that you looked me up! What an honor!

    I was just perusing the futures site – it looks like some great stuff. I’ll take some time to look through it more thoroughly soon. Thanks for the tip!

  • ooh – and joan – yes, I do give speeches now. i’m the emerging technology trainer and consultant for BCR – which is a lot like Amigos down in Texas. So, as part of that gig, I do go to a lot of conferences to give presentations, as well as travel to states far and wide to deliver tech training to librarians, school teachers, university faculty, etc! Best job ever!

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