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Hey – this site was recently hacked! Blerg! The content’s all back, but the formatting will take some time for me to get to. Enjoy!

Welcome to the web presence of Shelly Drumm: librarian, learning facilitator, and technophile.  Take a peek around and learn a little bit more about me.

In short, you’ll find that I am…

  • A skilled project manager with a proven record of excellence and client satisfaction in rolling out tech and training projects large and small.
  • A talented learning facilitator capable of getting even avowed technophobes excited about technology.
  • A pragmatic technology evangelist dedicated to finding the best tools for challenging jobs.
  • An engaging and enthusiastic public speaker and gifted interpersonal communicator.
  • A skilled librarian with years of instructional, reference, and supervisory experience.
  • A self-described Web geek with experience in web design & open source CMS implementation.